2025 Audi Q5 Redesign, Release Date, Price

2025 Audi Q5 Redesign, Release Date, Price – We now have the first set of drawings for the impending 2025 Audi Q5, which follow the prior spy photos. The new SUV is treated similarly to Audi’s most current electric crossover, the Q4 E-Tron, and has a more contemporary appearance. Although it is a little bit wider, the front fascia is identical to the original model.

Additionally, the side mirrors on the current 2025 Audi Q5 are located at the bottom, as opposed to the mirrors on prior models, which were moved back toward the driver. The updated version will be accessible in 2023, perhaps in the summer. Although there will be an increase in price, it won’t be a significant one.

2025 Audi Q5 Redesign

Exterior And Interior Design

The new SUV seems sportier in the first spy photos of the 2025 Audi Q5, which are currently online. To start, the brand-new front fascia of the next Q5 has been seen in testingh are currently online. To start, the brand-new front fascia of the next Q5 has been seen in testing. The company appears to have used the same strategy for the Q4 E-Tron.

2024 Audi Q5 Exterior
2025 Audi Q5 Exterior

The headlamps are narrower and the grille is broader than previously. Because of this, the front end maintains a sporting aesthetic while looking highly contemporary. Due to a new hybrid engine option, the SUV is also a little bit longer than the 2025 Audi Q5. As a result, we may anticipate more cargo space and legroom. Both the front and back sections of the vehicle have new bumpers and extremely contemporary taillights. Also coming soon are new exterior hues.

We’ll keep to remain a bit extended to learn official information about the inside. It is anticipated that the 2025 Audi Q5 will include a fully redesigned interior with increased passenger space. This suggests that an interior redesign that incorporates some of Audi’s newest displays is in the works. This SUV will undoubtedly have more standard amenities and the newest technology.

2024 Audi Q5 Interior
2025 Audi Q5 Interior

This also has a number of driver-assist features. But based on what we know, this SUV won’t be able to drive itself. In any case, anticipate a very sleek, plush interior with tons of high-tech gadgets.

2025 Audi Q5 Engine

The new 2025 Audi Q5 will run on hybrid power for performance. Although we don’t have all the information, it appears that the 2.0-liter engine will stay. It has a turbo-four engine and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It also produces 200 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque. Quattro AWD from Audi will be available once again. A moderate hybrid system is coming, though.

2024 Audi Q5 Engine
2025 Audi Q5 Engine

This model will have a significant increase in power and torque, up to 260 horsepower and 275 lb-ft. There will also be a plug-in hybrid option with a 17.9 kWh battery pack that generates about 362 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque.

2025 Audi Q5 Release Date And Price

The new Audi Q5 in 2025 will cost more than the current model. According to rumors, the next model will cost closer to $46,000. Although the official debut could be delayed until the last quarter of the year, sales will start next summer.

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