2018 Honda Pilot Elite: a Family – Friendly SUV

2018 Honda Pilot Elite: a Family – Friendly SUV – Are you looking for a friendly SUV for your family? The 2018 Honda Pilot Elite is the best choice you can take. The SUV has all you need about perfect family car.

It comes with large cabin to give you more spaces for storing, soft tires to make sure that all passengers will feel comfortable while driving on the road and also connectivity.

This makes the car pretty looks like a minivan. The only thing to differentiate this Honda Pilot and a minivan is the absence of sliding doors in the SUV. Get a closer look to this car in this article!

Why 2018 Honda Pilot Elite?

2018 Honda Pilot Elite Exterior
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Exterior

There are a lot of reasons that make this 2018 Honda Pilot Elite becomes the best choice for your family. Either this is the exterior, interior, specs or machine specifications, the SUV will satisfy you in many ways. The current SUV of Honda also comes with more pleasant styling.

The car is designed to draw people attention so that you can drive it proudly. The today SUV of Honda also can perform better than the previous SUVs series launched by the manufacturer. This car offers predictable handling and confident to the customers.

The interior spaces offer great use with well – trimmed and better organized cabin. There will be a lot of cargo spaces available for your family.

The car comes with various colors that makes the design looks more luxurious such as sapphire metallic, obsidian blue, black forest, crystal black, modern steel metallic, lunar silver metallic, white diamond, and deep scarlet.

There are also various models to pick up include LX which is designed with a specific host of wonderful standard features, EX which includes all the features you can find in the LX, and much more. Thus, picking up this SUV will be really beneficial for you and your family.

Interior Design of 2018 Honda Pilot Elite

2018 Honda Pilot Elite Interior
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Interior
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Seats
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Seats

The interior design of the 2108 Honda Pilot is really elegant and luxurious. The inside part of the SUV is designed especially to make all the passengers feel more comfortable.

The design is also created to make sure that the passengers can enjoy seating in the car. The SUV is also completed with luxurious lap to ensure that you can drive the car in style.

It will be also possible for your passengers to sit comfortably on the seating made of leather – trimmed. The Tri – Zone Automatic Climate Control available in the car will allow you to get perfect temperature. There will be 5 USB ports available in the SUV to enable you charging mobile devices and tablets while riding.

There will be two auxiliary jacks especially designed for headphones. For your children, there will be HDMI port especially crated for gaming console so they can keep happy during a long journey. The interior design of the 2108 Honda Pilot is a room with a view. There are two configurations of moon roof.

The first moon roof will allow you to retract and tilt. Meanwhile the second one comes with larger size to enable passengers who sit on the rear part of the car to get panoramic views.

You can also enjoy music or movies on your trip due to the Blue – Ray DiscTM and 9 – inch Rear Entertainment System available in the car. Everywhere you turn your head on the interior design, you will only find luxury in it.

Exterior Design of the 2018 Honda Pilot Elite

2018 Honda Pilot Elite Front View
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Front View
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Rear View
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Rear View

The exterior design of the 2018 Honda Pilot Elite is also wonderful. The front and center part of the USV is designed with bold grille. The layout is a three – bar chrome with amazing headlights.

The LED headlights provided in the SUV makes it possible for you to drive the car comfortably at night. This is because the LED headlights come with driver – assistive technology of Auto – High Beam and superior visibility. The SUV also comes with smooth lines.

The body of the car is also more aerodynamic. The SUV also comes with 20 – inch of wheels to enable the car to running board. The wheels are in premium quality with a gloss black finish to make the car looks more stylish. There are also Trailer Hitch Accessories you can find on the car’s exterior. The roof rails that are completed with Crossbars are aimed to secure the haul items you put on the top of the car.

Features and Honda Sensing System

2018 Honda Pilot Elite Engine
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Engine

The features available in the 2018 Honda Pilot Elite include Honda Satellite – Linked Navigation System which is combined with buildings and road signs, 3 – D rendering of terrains, a life search function and lane guidance. The features available in the SUV are specially designed to provide you with more safety system of driving.

Moreover, the SUV also applied Honda Sensing System. This is a special sensing system that functions as driver assistive and safety technology that can help you to conduct safe driving. This sensing system will instantly alert you to things you probably miss while you are riding the car. The Honda Sensing applied in the SUV includes:

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

This system is provided to assist driver to keep maintaining a set following interval when you are on the highway. This makes it possible for you to change your speed manually while driving.

2018 Honda Pilot Elite Powertrain
2018 Honda Pilot Elite Powertrain

2. Road Departure Mitigation System

This mitigation system provides a small camera that functions to help you see road markers. It will soon alert you whenever you intend to leave the road. The system also functions to do the action as well as assist you to keep doing so.

3. Collision Mitigation Braking System

This system is function to help you brake the car when it senses unavoidable collision with another car in front of you that detected by the system.

4. Lane Keeping Assist System

The steering adjusts will automatically assist you to get back to the lane center in case your car starts to stray from a detected lane located in the center without getting any signal before.

2018 Honda Pilot Elite Pricing

The pricing for the latest 2018 Honda Pilot Elite version varies into a few price ranges. Based on Edmunds.com, you can get the cheapest one around $34.000.

However, the Honda Pilot Elite version will only provide basic features. If you wanna go a bit more advanced features but not tearing up your pocket, you can pick the well-equipped one which is about $37.000.

For the ultimate loaded version, you have to pull out your money around $42000. And last, the elite version, the one that we are reviewing right now will be priced $48.000.

All the choices are up to you. If you want more features and you have enough budget, then go for the loaded one. But if you are a huge fan of Honda Pilot, and you wanna go with the cheapest one, then you can purchase the basic version.

Don’t forget to also consider buying the older version such as 2016 Honda Pilot or 2017 Honda Pilot as the price might become lower than new version. Thank you for reading our reviews on hondapilotreview.com!

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