2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv Design, Interior & Engine

2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv Design, Interior & Engine – For today’s industry standards, the LX570 is definitely in late adulthood. Just like its counterpart, the Land Cruiser, the current generation has been around for more than a decade. Most rivals are notably younger, so it’s no wonder that many reports suggest a complete redesign shortly. According to our reliable sources, that will happen in 2020, which indicates that the current generation will carry on for another year. The 2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv is about to continue in the same way, with a simple design and other characteristics.

Count on a recognizable styling, as well as on numerous strong points. Given the age, drawbacks are present as well. Some of them are outdated interior design, lack of latest tech features and an extremely thirsty V8 engine. Considering that the upcoming model won’t feature any notable change, we expect to see it sometime late in the year.

2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv Design

Of course, we saw an update during this very long production cycle. That happened several years ago, so the current model follows the brand’s new design language, characterized by a tremendous spindle-grill layout.

In any case, people who choose this model doesn’t care too much about styling. Although a luxurious vehicle, its strongest points are off-road performances and reliability. Considering that we are talking about a car that is heavily based on the Toyota Land Cruiser, it’s no wonder that the LX is one of the most capable models in the class. Practically, the capabilities are at the same level as in the corporal sibling, with the only significant difference in approach and departure angles, which are still slightly better in the Land Cruiser. When it comes to reliability, Lexus is among leading brands in the premium segment and the LX is one of the most prominent exponents.

2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv Interior

This is where the current model shows its age and, unfortunately, things won’t change for the upcoming 2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv. It will continue with the same cabin, which looks outdated. , the dashboard features shapes and lines that were typical for the time that is now way behind us. Still, we have to say that the overall interior quality is awe-inspiring, despite the look, as Lexus uses only top-notch quality materials for this cabin.

The cabin is generally comfortable and spacious. The first row is particularly enjoyable to sit in, as the seats are fantastic. The second row is generous in space as well. Unfortunately, the last row isn’t that impressive. It is surprisingly tight for the class, and definitely won’t be of great use for adults. Another complaint goes to the cargo area, which is among the smallest in the class. Another thing to mention is that rear seats fold to the side, which is a good thing if you need a flat cargo floor.

2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv Engine

The 2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv will continue with a well-known 5.7-litre V8 engine, which is good for about 383 horsepower and 403 pound-feet of torque and comes with 8-speed automatic transmission. It feels mighty under the gas pedal, while acceleration numbers are good as well. However, it is also very thirsty, so the LX features some of the lowest mpg ratings in the class. You can count on something like 13 mpg in the city and 18 mpg on the highway, which is way below average numbers for the course.

2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv Release Date And Price

Given the lack of novelties, the 2020 Lexus Hybrid Suv should hit the market sometime late in the year. The current models go around 86.000 dollars, and we don’t expect more significant changes for the next year.

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